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Add your first work


You made it! Congratulations on starting your site!

This is your site's frontpage, and it's the first thing your visitors will see when they arrive. You'll be able to organize and style this page however you like.

You can start adding works to your site by heading into the Admin Area.

Adding Portfolio Items

To add a new portfolio item, navigate to Portfolios > Add New. Here you can add the title of the project, a description in the main text editor, enter project details (client, date, url), upload medias, type an excerpt and assign various categories.

You have to set a “featured image” to each portfolio item that will be diplayed on the portfolio page. To do so, upload an image and set it as featured image. The image won't be automatically cropped to the appropriate dimensions. But if you want to control exactly how it displays, be sure they have the same dimensions.

Create Slideshow

Home Slideshow

The Front Page features a slideshow into which you can insert your own content. To add a new slide to the slideshow , navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Home Slider and upload an image from your computer. Repeat this process until you have created all of your slides and click “Save Changes”.